Vienna Georgia

The Big Pig Jig

The Big Pig Jig is a yearly festival held in Vienna Georgia, in the fall. This year the festival is being held November 4-5. The Big Pig Jig is now one of America's largest cooking themed festivals.


Big Pig Jig Fast Facts

Fast Facts About The Big Pig Jig:

paragraph arrow Over 120 cooking teams are expected to compete for top honours.

paragraph arrow Competition rules state that barbeque is defined as pork meat only that is prepared on wood and/or a charcoal fire.

paragraph arrow Over 25,000 festivalgoers are expected to take in the two-day event this year.

paragraph arrow Cash prizes are awarded to the winners and prizes awarded in the past have totalled over $15,000.

The festival event has been so successful it has not only spawned copycats across the US, the organizers have to increase the venue size each year running. Major news networks, especially the Food Network flock to cover this event and as a result, the Big Pig Jig has won many awards.